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Recruitment number: 2


1. Majoring in secretary, administrative and other relative majors; with college or higher education; aged 20-35; excellent Mandarin speaking; women priority.

2. Familiar with the use of computer operations; skilled at office, excel and other office software.

3. Clear expression ability, good communication skills, relevant personnel work experience is preferred.

4. Adopt quick work pace and have a good literary foundation



Recruitment number: several


1. With college or higher education, or outstanding ability personnel without education restrictions, excellent Mandarin speaking, and good communication skills

2. Expected to become a top sales master, no ceiling limit income, and expected to become excellent organization and management personnel

3. Passionate and open to communicate, with a kind heart and high sense of responsibility

4. Good at communication

5. Be courageous to meet new challenges, can withstand big work pressure;

6. With good communication and coordination abilities and hard-working spirit.



Recruitment number: 2


1. Master the computer common software operation, with a certain maintenance skills

2. Make records of computer maintenance, timely solve computer failure and report

3. Virus checking and killing regularly, hacker software are not allowed.

4. Complete the assigned work seriously and timely.