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The rule of personhood:

Filial piety, righteousness, honesty, diligence

Guidelines for work:

Speaking subjectively does not speak objectively, speaks the internal cause not to speak the external factor, speaks oneself not to speak the others, speaks the work not to speak the condition

Code of Conduct:

Should not ask not to ask, should not say not to say, should not think about, should not do.

Employing guidelines:

Reward competent, encourage willing to do, drive out the bread, punish the troublemakers.

Helper Guidelines

Help not chaos, in place not offside, right to do not disorderly.

Three obedience:

The economic benefit obeys the political interest, the individual interests obey the organizational benefit, and the partial benefit obeys the global benefit.

Four basic:

Political eligibility, excellent quality, strong protection, service in place.