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Development Concept

Feelings of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, long-term loyalty, virtue makes big success

Conscience food, green and organic, safety traceability

Development Goals

Integration of three benefits, harmony of three living factors and sustainable development

Industry grow, driving farmers, overall well-off

Development direction

Three main factors combination, three chain in one, three industries integration

Absorb talents and capitals, gather production and research, open and sharing

Development Tactics

Ecological cycle, high-tech agricultural technology, the internet plus

Agriculture outstanding, leisure and tourism, experience to promotion


Three rural issues: agriculture, farmer and rural area

Three interests: Economic interest, society interest, ecology interest

Three living factors: production, living, ecology

Three leading industries of the company: photovoltaic, breeding, planting

Three chains: industrial chain, value chain, circulation chain

Three industries: the first industry is agriculture; the second industry is the processing industry and industrial agriculture; the third industry is the circulation industry, service industry.