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Henan Xin zhen De Organic Agriculture Co., Ltd

  Henan Xinzhende Organic Agriculture Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 with a registered capital of more than RMB 70 Million Yuan. Located in Shangjiaan village, Yigou town, Tangyin County, Henan Province, the company has transferred more than 7,000 mu land, to explore the ecological, recycling, organic agriculture and integrative development model since 2010. Xinzhende eco-organic circulation agricultural demonstration park, setting ecological cultivation, breeding and popularization and promotion of ecological balance technology in one, is a high-tech ecological cycle demonstration park who takes food safety and environmental protection as mission. Jiang Gaoming, the specialist of Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, acts as technical guidance. Being "high yield, best quality, efficient, ecological, safe" agriculture according to ecological principles, the company meets the demands of ecological, circular, and organic agriculture after six years’ efforts. Besides, the company was awarded the Organic Agriculture Certification by China Certification and Accreditation Administration in April, 2014.

  Rely on Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and technical support by Anyang City Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the company established Chinese Academy of Sciences Botany Institute postdoctoral research station and Anyang Academy of Agricultural Sciences demonstration base. At the same time, it was honored as leading enterprise in the agriculture industrialization in Henan Province, the national large grain grower by Ministry of Agriculture, the large grain grower in Henan Province, the national agricultural technology promotion and agricultural science and technology demonstration base and other honorarable titles. In 2015, the company signed a counseling agreement with Huafu Securities Company, thus it becomes to one of the first batch organic agriculture enterprises entering into the capital market in Henan Province. On 27th June, 2016, approved by the national SME share transfer system, Xinzhende entered the new third board market successfully with stock code 837857, the qualitative leap marks the company becoming a public enterprise with social management from a private limited company. All these achievements will make its management system more transparent and open and visible to the public.

  In order to create a good ecological environment and ensure food producing safety, Xinzhende puts great efforts and invests large sums of money to control and interfere agricultural production in whole process, and mainly from the aspects as follows:

  1. Taking comprehensive utilization of the three natural ponds as linkage, we establish the recycling model: cereals - straw - livestock - waste - ponds- fermented liquid and residue return to field – cereals. The average digestion of biogas slurry is 5 - 8 cubic / mu, biogas residue 5 cubic / mu. At the same time, apply biogas to supply cereals to avoid the secondary pollution and reduce the harm of storage pests in grain storage. The comprehensive utilization is the core of ecological agriculture development, forming a closed and benign circle.

  2. In order to protect the interests of consumers effectively and to protect food safety in place, we launched the food safety group headed by general manager Tian Baozhong. The responsibility of each position lies to specific people, so that every process can be traced.

  3. Protect the environment, to minimum the impact of agricultural production. Prevent and control the gully, barren hills and barren grassland in place. Control the harm in a physical, biological, mechanical way within the tolerable range to maintain ecological balance but not for the purpose of eliminating pests. Instead of using chemical pesticides, herbicides, hormones and other chemicals, weeds shall be controlled mechanically and artificially, and measures including rotation of crops and fallow farming also be taken. Over the past few years we used the natural enemy of pests, trichogramma alfalfa cynomolgus polyhedrosis virus to control corn borer and cotton bollworm in a wide range, and achieved the desired results. The use of biogas slurry to inhibit wheat aphids reduced the production hazards. Organic food and pest control system has come to operation, including field pest intelligent monitoring, biological control, pest and disease intervention, physical and other measures without effect to environment. Solar energy frequency trembler grid lamps has been put into use, provided basic protection to control agricultural pest outbreak. On the basis of practice in past few years, the ecological environment in Xinzhende agricultural park has been greatly improved, and ecological restoration has gradually developed to a virtuous circle. A large number of poultry multiply, 100% of surface vegetation coverage, biodiversity emerge, and ecological system has been developed. Plant diseases and insect pests has been controlled effectively through ecological balances and natural reproduction.

  4. Establish product traceability system, number each batch of products, so that every product can be traced back to the production, processing, warehousing, logistics and other processes. Besides, different responsibilities are fixed to different person, so that we can trace the responsibility in short term to find out the cause of the accident and prevent happening again. At the same time, we will take actions to trace and recall the products to reduce social effects and protect the interests of consumers.

  5. We made strict technical regulations to ensure the production to be smooth and safe. It has technical regulations for each production, and express terms of each crop production and the operation of agricultural activities. Also, we take many measures to ensure product quality and prevent secondary pollution, for example, staff labor protection, mechanical maintenance, maintenance and transportation of vehicles and storage of regular cleaning disinfection, partition number storage and other measures.

  6. The company has plan in production, inspection before working, full control in whole process, production records, clear responsibilities and comprehensive measures, to ensure product quality and safety. We adhere to construct agricultural ecological cycle system to turn waste into treasure, the use agricultural byproducts and waste effectively, agricultural waste reduction and recycling, to reduce environmental pressure. Xinzhende ecological park does not exist any fire hazards by straw burning and the mess stack. On the basis of full consumption of their own agricultural by products and agricultural production waste, the annual consumption could be 1.2 million square meters.

  7. As the company is specialized in agricultural production, we pay great attention to breed improvement and breeding, and launch improved breeding organizations in order to ensure production needs. Combining with local conditions, selecting the appropriate variety and establishing seed resources bank to supply ourselves, it reduces the pollution of genetically modified materials and ensure high and stable production.

  Internet plus agriculture, photovoltaic agriculture and animal husbandry, organic food further processing, leisure and tourism agriculture

  Lead enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization in Henan Province

  Since it was established, the company has held various conferences, for example, Anyang Agriculture Industrialization Leading Demonstration Conference, Comprehensive Utilization of Biogas Liquid and Residue Conference by Henan Provincial Environmental Protection Office and Anyang Environmental Protection Bureau, Anyang Agricultural Cooperative meeting, Henan Autumn Crop Control Meeting, etc,. Experts from Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan Virus Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei Institute of Physical Structure of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of Economic Crop of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, North China Institute of Water Conservancy and Hydropower, Anyang Teachers College visit and give technical guidance, which create a multi-faceted academic exchanges and benefit a lot. In order to further improve the company's production capacity, to play the theory of science and technology is productivity, the company, together with the North China Institute of Water Conservancy and Hydropower, China Environmental Science Research Institute, Anyang Teachers College, East China University of Science and Technology Research Institute and other research institutes, formed technical research alliance in the past two years, and become test base of China Central Academy of Sciences. In particular, the thesis research and demonstration of pollutant emission reduction and waste resource recycling technology, Research on multi-stage inoculation technology on the impact of domestic waste composting efficiency, etc., close to the production needs, solved many production problems. It applies advanced concept, technology and methods to the first line of ecological agriculture in China. Combination of enterprises and institutions to solve the hard points in ecological agriculture popularize the “last mile” in ecological circulation of agricultural technology through demonstration. On 14 October, 2014, Yugu 18 Mechanized Management Conference organized by the Henan Agriculture Department held in Xinzhende Company, marking its entering the forefront in dry farming mechanized production in Henan province.

  Over the six years, the company run and explore in full accordance with requirements in GB / T19630.1-2011, produce without using fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, additives and genetically modified substances, thus it has achieved basic mechanization or semi-mechanized in field operations. The construction of Xinzhende ecological cycle of organic agriculture demonstration park is strongly supported by the party committees and governments at all levels. Through scientific research, testing, demonstration and technology advertisement, and establishment of the base, Xinzhende drive more than 10 agricultural enterprises come along the Beijing-Guangzhou line west of hilly land in Tangyin County, forming an organic eco-agricultural industry belt. To increase the development potential of enterprises, build our own expert team, the company introduced 2 postgraduate and 4 undergraduate personnel in these two years, whom are playing significant roles in the company.



Key Province of Agricultural Industrialization


  1. To explore the ecological, organic agriculture industrial management model, technical routes, market operations, increase the development of the Internet plus agriculture, photovoltaic agriculture and animal husbandry, organic food deep processing, leisure and tourism agriculture simultaneously. Introduce, remold and update the mature agricultural technology and machinery equipment into the producing practice, to build an afford, outstanding and skillful experts. 

  2. In form of professional cooperatives and company plus cooperatives plus base (farmers) model, it brings local farmers to common prosperity and popularize basic knowledge of ecological agriculture. Zhende planting professional cooperative, Baoliang agricultural cooperative launched by Xinzhende, play important roles in practice. The company expanded to 13,500 mu in five villages in 2nd phase through the exploration and accumulation of experience. We are aiming to create the largest organic ecological cycle in North China Agricultural Park to provide more organic products to market. Its intensive management improve the level of agricultural mechanization production and labor productivity, bring farmers more benefits.  

  3. The company got the organic certification (GB / T 19630.1-2011), which shaped its brand image successfully. Upholding the three main combination (the main industry is planting and breeding photovoltaic), triple chain in one (industrial chain, value chain, recycling chain), three production integration (agriculture, processing and circulation), the company are striving to be an organic industry leading enterprise.

  4. Cooperated with the Plants Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other scientific and technological institutions to absorb advanced concepts, techniques and methods, it fully embodies the science and technology is the primary productive forces. Xinzhende three industries integration demonstration park will be developed into the largest Ecological organic cycling agriculture science and technology demonstration park in North China, to achieve unity of economic, social and ecological benefits, harmony of production, life and ecological, and goals of sustainable development.

  5. Together with the Institute of Botany of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the company raises 3 or 5 training master or doctoral students and 1or 2 postdoctor.

  6. Apply for 5-10 relevant patent as the project technical reserves. Declare 2-3 provincial, national scientific and technological projects and scientific achievements.

  7. The company makes use of agricultural waste resources, agricultural waste reduction, and resources, to prevent environment pollution. And it is exploring integration model of clean agricultural production, demonstration, promotion.

  8. We make the successful application case where biodiversity-friendly industry model used in new rural construction, to achieve sustainable agricultural development, promote the deep development of rural biomass energy. Build a new socialist countryside community, to create an example community model.

  9. We have access to a large number of first-hand information through practice, exploration, and actual operation. Besides, we provided 2-5 advisory advices for the specific parameters, management and benefit analysis and other figures of ecological cycle agriculture to the decision-making departments.